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Current Satellite News
May 11th, 2015
Arianespace... Logos To Go-Gos...Final Preparations  Of Launch Vehicles Include High Visibility Logos
Despite the intensity of building  a launch vehicle there is a basic and equally important aspect—marketing—and attaching the famous logos.
Kratos To Support Thaicom 8 w/Satellite Control Center +Tracking, Telemetry and Command Station 
This will be the 16th Orbital ATK GeoStar satellite that Kratos ISI has supported.
Pentagon Skeptical Despite China's Pledges Over Rapidly Developing 'Non Military' Space Program
“China’s continued development of destructive space technologies represented a threat to all peaceful space-faring nations.” 
Continuing Copernicus—Sentinel-6 Sign On By Airbus Defence & Space + European Space Agency
The satellites will measure their distance to the oceans’ surfaces with an accuracy of a few centimeters and use this data to map it globally, repeating the cycle every 10 days.
Update: Mexico's Centenario Has New Launch Date...
The delay is no more, and Mexico's Centenary satellite now has a launch date.
Arianespace + Eumetsat’s MSG-4... A Spinning Spacecraft In Summer
'Nowcasting', terminology used in economics, meteorology and air quality, is working its way more frequently in satellite news, and so it is with the MSG-4 satellite.
U.S.A.F. Space and Missile Systems Center's Monumental Effort Celebrates Completion... SBIRS HEO-3 In Orbit
Once a satellite is launched then the work begins in space. 
Anniversary Of ESA's Proba-V Gets An Added Bonus...Monitors Veggies + Picks Up 25 Million Aircraft Positions
This is a technical world-first, demonstrating the feasibility of follow-on orbital constellations now being readied for operational aircraft monitoring.
Exelis + DigitalGlobe... When Does 2=1? When Two Companies Create A Single Platform
... with the vast DigitalGlobe image library to solve challenging environmental, natural resource, and global security problems.
Kratos's EPOCH Adventure w/Japanese Micros... A "Hetero Constellation" Experiment
The EPOCH T&C Server and the EPOCH Client modules provide command and control for the satellites. 
Progress Spacecraft Failure Results In Changes In Russian Launch Schedules
The investigatory commission is working to clear systems of suspicions, particularly the 3rd stages of the Soyuz-FG and Soyuz-2.1a, which are both equipped with the same RD-0110 engines.
 Russia's Satellite Ground Station On U.S.' 'Front Yard' Makes For Chilly Atmosphere
"But the Obama administration may perceive a satellite system in the U.S. 'front yard' only as a warning,"
XCOR Aerospace Integrates Strakes To Lynx Mark I
"Today marks another solid milestone in our progress toward first flight, clearing the path for a series of important moments that will accelerate Lynx development,"
Northern Sky Research... Major Changes + Choices In Rocket + Engine Designs... Good Or Not? 
Diverse options are a real luxury in the world of rocket launches, and today there are exciting choices to be made, unheard of a decade ago.
Center for Strategic and International Studies Reveal Vietnamese Land Reclamation In Dispute w/China
Mischief Reef is no misnomer considering these circumstances. 
NovaWurks™ Founder Talbot Jaeger Offers Big Ideas To Improve SmallSats @ Space Tech Expo 2015
The Company designed Satlets to function like embryonic stem cells with hardware and software linked so closely they act like a single biological system.
Aitech Defense Systems... Offers More Ports In A Storm... 48 GbE Ports For Military, Aerospace + LEO
Durable and robust enough for use in several military, aerospace and LEO space environments...
 Euromed GNSS II/MEDUSA Present European Regional Project ... A Think Tank
Positive feedbacks have emerged from the Euromed countries, along with a clear interest in pursuing initiatives to work with European players,
I.D. Systems...  Roly's Trucking Is Wise To Select VeriWise™ For Tracking 400 Dry Van Trailer Tracking Systems  
..."our latest-generation trailer tracking technology designed specifically to maximize trailer utilization and reduce capital investment and operating costs..."