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April 28th, 2015
The Mystery Tour... As ULA Plans Launch Of U.S.A.F.'s X-37B Space Plane
The United States Air Force's X-37B space plane will launch on its fourth mystery mission next month.
Instrument Integration Nearly Completed By Ball Aerospace For JPSS-1 — Environmental Testing Is Next
Polar weather satellites contribute 85 percent of the data that goes into numerical weather prediction models.
Checkout Of Sentinel-2A By Arianespace Preps Satellite For Fifth Vega Launch
Sentinal-2A will provide information for agricultural and forestry, as well as help to manage food security.
The U.N.'s Open Satellite Resources Will Provide Emergency Response Teams In Nepal With Assistance
To support the rescue efforts, several agencies are involved in producing satellite-based information. UN-SPIDER has now compiled this information into an easily accessible format.
Liftoffs For Lockheed Martin-Built Hellasat-4 | Saudi Geo Satellite-1 To Be Managed By Arianespace
This is the 10th launch contract that Arianespace has signed with Arabsat.
Airbus Defence & Space Satellites' Images Of Kathmandu Before + After The Explosive Earthquake
The before and after Pléiades images over Kathmandu, show the devastation caused by the earthquake. 

Airbus Defence & Space Deliver A Unique 'Comcept'...Super High-Speed Satellite Network
“With Comcept, the French Army joins the United States and the United Arab Emirates in a very select group of armed forces with satellite-based military Ka-band networks,”
Progress Spacecraft Anomaly Noted By Vandenberg Air Force Base's Joint Functional Component Command
"We will continue to monitor the situation and work with our government, international and industry partners to ensure the safety of the astronauts onboard the ISS and provide for the long-term safety, sustainability, security and stability of the space domain."—Lt. Gen. Jay Raymond, JFCC Space + 14th Air Force (Air Forces Strategic) Commander
EUMETSAT's MSG-4 Satellite Will Ensure Safety Of Lives + Provide Nowcasting Of High Impact Weather
These geostationary satellites are vital to ensure the safety of lives, property and infrastructure, through the nowcasting of high impact weather.
EM Solutions' Diamond Series Sparkle As Smallest + Lightest Packages In Ka-Multiband
... its linearizer can be programmed to compensate for the distortion introduced by many types of power amplifiers that follow in the transmitter chain.
DigitalGlobe's WorldView-3 Imagery Of Nepal Earthquake Available to Public
DigitalGlobe captured imagery of the area yesterday through heavy cloud cover with its WorldView-1, and WorldView-3, and GeoEye-1 satellites.
Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest: Arabsat's BADR-6 Bringing CNNI To MENA
The agreement gives Middle Eastern audiences the opportunity to watch CNN International’s broadcast mix.
Extension to Air Force Research Laboratory's APS Project Afforded To Orbit Logic
“We are developing a scalable and flexible software architecture that will make autonomous planning accessible for any mission."—Ella Herz,  COO, Orbit Logic.
Airbus Defence & Space's New Head Of Sales Latin America Also Continues As Head Of Governmental Sales Space Systems
He is taking over of this role in addition of his current responsibility in the Space Systems business line.
Lawyers In Space ...American Bar Conducts The Forum On Air & Space Law...Current + Future Issues
Wherever people go laws must be observed, they are what keep us civilized... even in space.
Ericsson Video Storage and Processing Platform 2015 NewBay Media Best of Show Award   
 TV service providers to give consumers control to record and watch TV content anytime, on any device.
Two New Upper Millimeter Wave Offerings Rollout From L-3 Electron Devices
The compact modules are designed to cover a broad range of applications, including performance capability at up to 50,000 feet in altitude.
Push Toward Solar Space Power By Northrop Grumman + Caltech Applauded By National Space Society
"At a time when the U.S. Government has virtually abandoned SSP research it is encouraging to see private industry and universities stepping forward to fill the gap."—Dale Skran, Executive V.P., NSS.
Global Net Vitality Leaders Measure Up In This New Broadband Comparison Index
The paper notes that innovation and investment are the most important building blocks for government policymakers to take into account, and finds that the five Net Vitality Index leaders have a powerful common driving force—innovation.
Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest: Partnership Between Albis + STMicroelectronics Will Result In TV Connect 2015 Solution For OTT
The solution will power NetTV Plus, an OTT application that provides viewers with over 200 TV channels in crystal-clear HD quality, radio listening, real-time news updates, and more.