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April 26th, 2015
 Liftoff of Ariane 5 with THOR 7 + SICRAL 2... Successful Separation Soon To Begin Their Missions
THOR 7 satellite was released approximately 28 minutes into the flight, and the second passenger, SICRAL 2, deployed some six minutes later.
Airbus Defence and Space Takes A Bow w/Successful Launch Of Ariane 5... 64th Successive Launch 
... the future of Ariane is therefore also inextricably linked to our company, and will continue to be via our subsidiary Airbus Safran Launchers.
ILS Prepares For Mexico's Centenario Launch April 29
...Mexsat, which already consists of the Bicentenario satellite, launched in 2012 and providing internet services to 5,000 public locations via the Mexico Connected program.
Cobham’s Smallest Transmitter Has A Home In VeloVue HD System... Covered UCI Track Cycling World Championships
...the world’s smallest HD transmitter, has been deployed as part of Broadcast RF’s new VeloVue HD system.
TelOne's Zimbabwe Customer Base Now Has Additional Avanti Communications Satellite Support
"Our contract has enabled us to address Zimbabwe’s gaping digital divide at pace."—Chipo Mtasa, Managing Director, TelOne.
UAE Launches New Space Center In Preparation Of Mission To Mars
Last year, the UAE became the first Arab country to launch an outer space exploration mission when it announced a planned unmanned probe to the red planet in 2021.  
SmartOne From Globalstar Selected By FAGOR Electronics For Hybrid Satellite + Fleet Tracking
“When the vehicle moves out of GSM range, satellite transmissions automatically take over."—Ernesto Pérez, Overseas Distribution Manager, FAGOR.
Dawn Mission Status Report... Observes Bright Light On Ceres... What The?
Dawn delves into the unknown, drives new technology innovations, and achieves what's never been attempted before.