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Current Satellite News
April 23rd, 2015
Russia's Express-AM7 Slides Into Slot Ready For Service After In-Orbit Testing
“The commencement of the satellite operations is another important step towards completely eliminating inequality of access to information among our citizens..."
 Tempus Global Data Understands Tempus Fugit... Forecasts STORM® Well Ahead + On A Global Scale
Think of it as a CAT scan of the atmosphere.
Raytheon To Make Air Travel Safer
"The WAAS system is a critical component to ensuring our national airspace remains safe, especially with the increased volume of air traffic."—Michael Espinola, Managing Director, Raytheon Air Traffic Systems.
GEO Illustration Challenge "Transcending Borders" Is Now Open For Submissions
Participants will receive access to free satellite image data provided by the European Space Agency (ESA) through the competition website.
Day Long Conference Set For Women In Aerospace Organization In DC
Women in Aerospace (WIA) is dedicated to expanding women's opportunities for leadership and increasing their visibility in the aerospace community.
Applied Systems Engineering Announces New TWT Amplifier
This TWT Amplifier has been specifically designed to operate pulsed traveling wave tubes up to 200 watts peak power at frequencies in the 34-36 GHz range.
ARABSAT Celebrates Newtec's 30th Anniversary w/Ambassador, Diplomats, Business + Industry Delegates
“Arabsat is pleased to take part in this event as Newtec is one of our most valuable strategic partners."
Jason-3 Is A Big Boy... Launches Website ...A Precursor To His Launch
These data provide critical ocean information that forecasters need to predict devastating hurricanes and severe weather before they arrive onshore.
Optical Surfaces... Here's Looking At You w/Light Weight Mirrors for Satellite + Astronomical Telescopes
To discover new celestial objects and to study known objects more ...accurately, ultra-high precision telescope mirrors that do not increase payload weights are increasingly required for experiments conducted outside the Earth's atmosphere. 
Juniper Research Reveals An Anticipated 4x Market Increase By 2019 For OTT Market
 ...TV providers, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, will generate $31.6 billion by 2019, up from just under $8 billion in 2014.
Another Entry Into Aviation History By Northrop Grumman + U.S. Navy With The X-47B
"The AAR system and X-47B both performed as expected."—Pablo Gonzalez, UCAS-D program manager, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems.