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Current Satellite News
April 9th, 2015
Aerojet Rocketdyne Adds Their Expertise With A Roundtable On Unique Approach to Additive Manufacturing
Over the past couple of years, the Company has developed additive manufacturing.. from discrete component demonstrations, to hot-fire testing of entirely additively manufactured engines and propulsion systems.
NASA's TRMM Is Trimmed
Huffman and his team combined TRMM data with precipitation data from several other microwave imaging satellites in orbit, many of them weather satellites. Together with significant advances in data management they created the new TRMM product.
A Million Euros Are @ Stake In The European Satellite Navigation Competition
"Those who enter the ESNC benefit in particular from our global network, which provides them with tailored support in developing their business concepts and bringing them to market."—Thorsten Rudolph, managing director, Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen.
Network Orchestration From NovelSat Includes Optimization + Automation For Satellite Services
"The new NovelSat SNO helps satellite service providers comply with customer SLAs as well as to deliver bandwidth and resource optimization, all the while saving money."—Oscar Glottman, CMO, NovelSat.
Hamlet Enterprise...Alas Poor Yorick, Didn't Have Access To Hamlet's Streaming Analyzer
Hamlet will also launch at NAB the combined IP, ASI and OTT analyzer of streaming services, with the addition of cost saving RF spectrum analysis.
Sevis Systems + Eutelsat...More affordable + Optimized Sat Backhaul Services For 3G + LTE In Remote Locations
“This latest solution will dramatically decrease the total cost of ownership for satellite service providers and mobile operators and further extends the scope of the professional communication services that can be delivered over KA-SAT.”