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Current Satellite News
March 12th, 2015
O3b Networks Selects AvL Technologies' Transportable Terminal Antenna for O3b Networks' MEO Satellite Network
“These high performance transportable antennas are designed to acquire and track the O3b satellites as they move across the orbital arc."—Mike Proffitt, President, AvL Technologies.
Airbus Corporate Foundation + Aviation Sans Frontières Fly Supplies, Including Teddy Bears, To Manila After The Typhoons 
...new clothes and shoes for children and babies, teddy bears, pens and schoolbooks, as well as blankets and medical supplies such as masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes and surgical hoods.
Dunvegan Space Systems + Deep Space Industries...Bitcoin Founder Has A Bit Of A Task... Build Constellation Of 24 BitSats 
“DSI’s long term goal of harvesting space resources is well known, and our first steps involve developing nimble, low cost spacecraft..."
Comtech Xicom Technology... Super Heroes Launch New SuperPower Products In DC...Capes Not Included
The company will be showcasing the new high efficiency SuperPower products for Ku- and DBS-band fixed applications, along with several other offerings.
NASA + ULA's Atlas V Rocket...Launches Magnetospheric Multiscale Payload To Study Physics Of Magnetic Reconnection
MMS is a NASA Solar Terrestrial Probes mission consisting of four identical science observatories whose objective is to understand the microphysics of magnetic reconnection.
Moog's Thrusters Guide MMS Spacecraft To Ensure Precision Formation Flying
The identically instrumented MMS spacecraft will fly in an adjustable pyramid-like formation enabling them to observe the three-dimensional structure of magnetic reconnection for the first time.
KhalifaSat for EIAST To Be Launched By Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
“From conceptualization to its actual launch, KhalifaSat is a very important project..."—H.E. Yousuf Al Shaibani, Director General, EIAST.
Airspace Block Announced By Aireon for Joint Surveillance Research With Blue Med
“Blue Med is already establishing an efficient platform for the harmonization of surveillance throughout the Mediterranean Area."—Don Thoma, President & CEO, Aireon.
A Quality Framework Debuts From DigitalGlobe
DigitalGlobe’s analysts bring decades of experience and a unique toolset to creating customer solutions.
Honeywell Brings Their Aeronautical Expertise As A Service Provider To Inmarsat Government & Global Xpress
“Government users will benefit from the reliable high-throughput connectivity that Global Xpress delivers to support a variety of applications.”—Susan Miller, President & CEO, Inmarsat Government.
Thales Is Now Onboard With Iridium Certus Service
"The products based on Iridium Certus broadband will provide critical and reliable communications for people and companies globally."—Matt Desch, CEO, Iridium.
Rock Seven's RockBLOCK Now Offers New Options Plus A Flexible Antenna
RockBLOCK Mk2 is a low-cost way to integrate remote Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication functionality into any project.
Learn How To Pump Up Your Cell Network Into Rural Areas Via A Free Gilat Satellite Networks Webinar
Learn how to expand your network with the flexible “No CAPEX—Low OPEX” business models that Gilat currently deploys around the globe.
Capacity Garnered By SkyStream On SES' NSS-6 & NSS-12
"This series of agreements is a vote of confidence from SkyStream that we have been a reliable partner."—Deepak Mathur, Sr. V.P., Commercial, APAC & Middle East, SES.
COM DEV's Strategic Growth Plans Uncovered
"The strategic options under consideration for exactEarth will be instrumental in helping it reach its full potential."—Michael Pley, CEO, COM DEV.
Orbit Logic's CPAW & Web App Going To U.S. Government Customer For An Undisclosed Program
Software and engineering services are all part of this contract.
U.S. Assists Ukraine... Flys In The Ravens, Radar, Radios + Humvees 
Perhaps it's overdue, but at least the help is finally coming through. U.S. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have voted to send non lethal military assistance to the Ukraine.
France's DGA Compliments Airbus Defence And Space... You're On...Build Three CERES Satellites
...the system comprises three closely positioned satellites that are designed to detect and locate ground signals, along with ground control and user ground segments.
Inmarsat Names Two New Hires To Enterprise Market Strategy + M2M Groups
...and grew the line of business from zero to over $40M in service revenues.
High End Vector Signal Generator From Rohde & Schwarz Designed For Complex A&D & 5G Applications
The R&S SMW200A is the only microwave signal generator on the market to combine a baseband generator and RF generator with fading, AWGN and MIMO capabilities in a single box.