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March 9th, 2015
Bits and Pieces Of DMSP-13 No Threat To ESA Missions
“The event is not considered major.”—Holger Krag of ESA’s Space Debris Office.
Sicral-2 Joins THOR 7 In French Guiana For Arianespace Launch
On Ariane 5 Flight VA222, Sicral 2 is to be joined by THOR 7, a communications satellite for Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (TSBc).
Mission Payloads Selected For UK Space Agency's AlSatNano
The suite of 3 payloads will be developed by UK academic-industrial partnerships that will use the mission for rapid and cost-effective demonstration of new and innovative space technologies.
From Hanscom AFB Emerges A New USAF Program To Offset Insider Cyber Attacks
"The MSA Lab is unique, and by design, highly specialized on the needs of a select classified community."—Paul Krueger, MSA chief engineer.
A New Identity, A New Look, A Refreshed Brand — AsiaSat Relaunches Their Infosite...
“With the roll-out of this new brand identity, we take a big step forward in moving closer to the market and providing ever better services, and growing our partnership."—William Wade, President & CEO, AsiaSat.
Two MicroSats Planned By The Philippines
The first micro-satellite, PHL-Microsat-1, nicknamed Diwata, will be launched into space in 2016 from the International Space Station (ISS).
@ CABSAT 2015—Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest: Vyper Heads Into The Venue From TeamCast
This new Vyper combines two products in one, offering both IF and RF (L-band) signal outputs on a single product...
Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest—More Than 25 Million Farsi Viewers Are Reached By YahLive
The exercise produced 1,200 successful results used for onward analysis.
Empowering European Spatial Research Is The Goal Of EuroGeographics and EuroSDR
The cooperation agreement will further the development of the EuroSDR Research Plan and the activities of the EuroGeographics Knowledge Exchange Networks.
WIN-T Increment 2 From General Dynamics Infuses Stryker Brigades
"Fielding WIN-T Increment 2 to Army Stryker Brigades closes the communications gap between fast moving SBCTs and 'boots on the ground' soldiers."—Chris Marzilli, President, General Dynamics Mission Systems.
Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest—Empowering The Nilesat Smart Digital Broadcasting Platform: Cisco, Newtec, Bridge Technologies and Mera-Tech
This major regional initiative will provide for the compression and multiplexing of 360 TV services and 120 radio services over 24 digital transport streams...
GVF's Satellite Hub Summit All Set For CABSAT 2015
"This year the Hub Summit will provide an update on issues related to satellite interference which remains an important issue in the MENA region.”—Martin Jarrold, Chief of International Program Development, GVF, and Hub Summit Chairman,
Orbital ATK Goes Deep + Orbits A Dwarf For A Giant Milestone...Orbits Planet Ceres
now orbits the dwarf planet Ceres accomplished with the innovative use of solar electric ion propulsion, the advanced and efficient space propulsion technology.
KVH's Mini-VSAT Broadband Has Bigger Beams Up By 60 Percent + Antennas 85 Percent Smaller
The company’s satellite network has been enhanced with additional capacity for the Asia-Pacific region, the Pacific Northwest, and the eastern coast of Canada and the U.S.
SpaceCom Partners w/ CASIS...Great Plans Ahead 
...will unite global business executives with international space leaders to explore ways for the medical, manufacturing, energy, communications, and transportation sectors to utilize space technologies and ...
The IoT Is To Be Examined By The Telecommunications Industry Association
The TIA Internet of Things Roundtable will offer a unique perspective—looking at the critical role of the network and the companies that build the network...