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Current Satellite News
March 4th, 2015
Paving The Way For UK Commercial Space Ops
Work to establish the feasibility of a UK spaceport began in 2012.
Sicral 2 Safely Settled @ Guiana Space Center For Launch In April
Sicral 2 is one of the basic building blocks in Italian-French defense cooperation.
Russian Satellite Communications Company Delivers...Express AM8 To Baikonur
The spacecraft is currently being processed for launch.
CETel + ARABSAT As Collaborators Expand Their Options + Extend C-Band
"It's the right product at the right time for customers looking for answers to the ever increasing cost pressure in their areas of business.”
Arianespace' ISO 50001 Energy Plans For Guiana Space Center Now In Place
Arianespace is the first company in French Guiana to deploy this type of initiative.
Connectivity For M2M and IoT Results In Teclo Networks and Stream Technologies Partnership
“Battery-life is a major operating expenditure and frustration for customers."—Nigel Chadwick, CEO, Stream Technologies.
Software For Land Management Is Upgraded By LandWorks and Includes Tighter Esri Integration
“This modern architecture allows for integration of live Esri GIS maps and builds a foundation for hosting in the cloud."—Jerry Bramwell, President, LandWorks.
PCI Geomatics' Development Foot Is On Their Accelerator, For GeoImaging Offering
GXL technology provides significant improvements in automation, speed and efficiency by optimizing and distributing automated workflows.
Leosat Begins The Next Stage Of Development w/ A New CEO...To Create Low Earth Orbit Satellite Constellation
“This is an exciting time in the satellite industry with technology driving increased demand, costs coming down and several notable players such as Google, SpaceX and OneWeb helping to fuel the category,”
GeoSync Microwave Provides A Quad-Band Test Translator ...Check It Out @ Satellite 2015 
An important advantage for Ka-band performance is the suppression of the second harmonic of the Ka-band LO to <-50 dBm.
For Early Development & Testing Of 5G, Keysight Technologies Now Offers Signal-Creation Signal Support
"Signal Studio for custom modulation streamlines development, allowing researchers to try more candidate signals in less time as they explore next-generation waveforms.”—Satish Dhanasekaran, MARCOM Mgr., Keysight Technologies.
In-Flight Connectivity Markets Examined By NSR In Their Latest Report
Based on more than 10 years covering aeronautical satellite connectivity, NSR’s extensive experience in evaluating the changes and trends driving aero SATCOM services is encapsulated in this new report.
New User Tools Released By Latitude Technologies For their WebSentinel 5 Flight Platform
WebSentinel 5 introduces selectable, movable, and resizable panels enabling individual users to build and maintain multiple independent maps and multiple independent messaging sessions.
@ Heli-Expo 2015: Technisonic Debuts Their First Dual Transceiver Airborne Radio
Each TDFM-9100 transceiver can store 3,000 channels per module and be programmed to operate in digital or analog mode on a channel-by-channel basis.