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February 12th, 2015
Telenor's Thor 7, SSL-Built Satellite Getting All Containered Up For Travel To Kourou For Launch
“The satellite built by SSL will deliver a very bandwidth efficient and flexible service for major shipping routes and recreational vessels.”—Morten Tengs, V.P. + CEO, Telenor Satellite Broadcasting.
Moog's Engines Are Successful After More Than 13 Years Of Waiting For DSCOVR's Launch
Patience usually pays off—but talk about taking it to the extreme.
Air Force General Marsh Surviving Budget Cuts Is Not An Option...It Will Be Painful...Airplanes Qualify As Antiques
..".in 1990 to that conflict, the United States Air Force had 188 fighter squadrons—188. In the FY ‘16 budget, we’ll go to 49; 188 to 49.”...Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III
General Dynamics MUOS...A First...Only Facility To Connect To MUOS Ground System + An Orbiting Satellite
With the new over-the-air test capability, radio products can make calls from the Scottsdale lab to an orbiting MUOS satellite to evaluate voice and data performance.
Moving On Up... Murray Joins Thuraya As Maritime Product Manager
Murray’s key tasks will be to increase the penetration of the Orion IP maritime broadband terminal in the market...
@ CABSAT—ARCHIMEDES RF Matrix From DEV Systemtechnik Debuts
It is smaller, fitting 64 x 64 in just a 4 RU."—Jörg Schmidt, Managing Director, DEV.
Elbit Systems To Assist In Views Of VeNUS
In the coming months, the Venus camera will be integrated onboard the satellite for the upcoming launch.
Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest—IPTV Equipment Pumped Up By ETL Systems
The move sees ETL Systems replace existing legacy equipment which has been operating efficiently for over 10 years.
@ Esri GIS Tech Conference—LizardTech Reveals Free Update For GeoViewer App
The latest release includes free support for bookmarks and base maps.
Spacecom's AMOS-5 + ConSat TV DTH Provide A Clear Picture For Nigeria's Viewers
Multi-year, multi-million dollar contract further builds satellite broadcast market in Nigeria.
Euroconsult Opens In Japan + Expert Industry Leader Takes The Lead
...worked with him on many projects and believe this to be the natural evolution of our existing relationship.
 NASA's Solar-Terrestrial Relations Observatory...Photos In STEREO From The Far Side Of Nearest Star
After eight years in orbit around the Sun, both spacecraft, STEREO Ahead, or A, and STEREO Behind, or B, are now on the far side, 180 million miles from Earth.
Sweden Gets L-TAC'd By Inmarsat Government + IDG Europe
“L-TAC was an Inmarsat innovation built around the military requirement to achieve more capability with existing tools."—Peter Dingley, Vice President Offer Development, Inmarsat Global Government.
SES + Astra Connect For Communities Take Internet To All The Country's Nooks + Crannies
The villages population of about 200 residents located in Exmoor National Park, will benefit from a Satellite Distribution Node (SDN) and a Wi-Fi head-end technology... 
Lockheed Martin's EPIC Camera On NASA's DSCOVR Captures The Entire Sunny Side Of Earth...Rain Or Shine 
Up until now Earth images have been a collaboration of patchwork satellite images. Now one entire side of Earth is captured in one image.
Newtec Celebrates 30th Anniversary...Has The Connections Celebrates w/Honors, New Technologies + Growth
“These figures underline that our strategic direction is on course to provide a strong base for the future.”
Mobil Satellite Technologies Picks Up + Goes ...To Disasters
"We are currently developing a complete line of emergency communications trailers up to 20' to serve the Emergency Management and Disaster Response markets". 
Norsat International Ships First Custom Prototype Of ATOM-25
... shipped the first customer prototype of its upcoming ATOM 25 Watt Ka-band Block Upconverter (BUC).
Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest: Moving On Up—Artel names Domorski To Lead Firm On An Interim Basis
Throughout his career, Domorski has led several U.S-based companies during inflection points.