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Current Satellite News
February 8th, 2015
Acquiring Minds Wish To Know—Harris Has Exelis...
The agreement has been unanimously approved by the Boards of Directors of both companies.
DARPA's Potentially Powerful Plan For Jetting Satellites Into Orbit...
“We’ve made good progress so far toward ALASA’s ambitious goal of propelling 100-pound satellites into low Earth orbit (LEO) within 24 hours of call-up, all for less than $1 million per launch."—Bradford Tousley, Director, Tactical Technology Office, DARPA.
GMV Cementing Subsidiary Into Place In The U.K.
“GMV’s new U.K. subsidiary will be a key piece in GMV’s growth within the space sector."—Celestino Gómez, Manager, U.K.
CompassData Granted ISO 9001:2008...Certification for Quality Management Systems
...becoming one of the few geospatial survey data providers in the world whose quality management systems and processes are ISO 9001 certified.
GlobeNet PoPs w/New Brazil Office 
The PoP will feature diverse network paths to its award-winning submarine cable system and supports GlobeNet's product portfolio