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Current Satellite News
January 19th, 2015
Es’hail 1 Now Channels... The Al Bidaa Satellite Channel Which Covers MENA 
...located at the 25.5 degrees East hotspot neighborhood covering the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.
ESA's IXV + Arianespace's Experimental Flight... What Goes Up Will Come Down...Where?
It will create the same conditions as a vehicle returning from low Earth orbit, at hypersonic and supersonic speeds due to thrusters and aerodynamic flaps.
U.S. Navy, ULA + Lockheed Martin's MUOS-3 Prep To Send Communications To Proctectors In Harm's Way
This government and contractor team knows how important this capability is for our protectors in harm’s way."
Moving On Up—The New President + CEO @ SES Government Services Is Peter Hoene
“Pete offers a complete understanding of the satellite communications needs of our U.S. Government customers and the unique nature of government procurement practices."—Tip Osterthaler, retiring President + CEO, SES Government Services.
Orbital Sciences Rockets Into New Engine Contract With Energiya
The contract, that took Energia three years to prepare, envisages cooperation to last 15 to 25 years."
Near-Term Data Gaps Require NOAA To Prepare For Risks, According To The GAO
Experts within and outside of NOAA identified almost 40 alternatives for mitigating potential gaps in polar satellite data, which offer a variety of benefits and challenges.
PTC'15 Provides A Warm Location + Information To Stimulate Attendees
Successful firms tend to become large, bureaucratic, and at times arrogant.
 U.S. Navy's MUOS Mobile Warfighters...Weighs In As Heaviest Payload Atop ULA's Atlas 5 
The MUOS-3 satellite will be the heaviest payload to ride into space atop any of ULA’s Atlas V launch vehicles.
The Build Of NYBBSat-1 Is Now A Boeing Effort
“The high power payload of the NYBBSat-1 satellite will offer satellite capacity that enables CMMB Vision to deliver services to consumer mobile devices throughout China and the rest of Asia.”—Charles Wong, Chairman + CEO, CMMB Vision.
U.S.A.F. + SpaceX...A Dragon Launches CATS Into Space 
"...a laser instrument designed to measure clouds and the location and distribution of pollution, dust, smoke and other particles in the atmosphere."
O3b Networks Floats Their Raft Of Clients...Largest Provider Of Satellite Capacity In The Pacific Region
Already we are the clear market leader in the Pacific.
Here's Looking @ Earth—Landsat 8 Notes Aso Continues To Vent
Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Program lists 38 separate eruptions since 1950, with the most recent beginning on December 8, 2014.
Japan Calls Upon Northrop Grumman For ISR Capability Enhancements
The Japanese government has selected the RQ-4 Global Hawk UAV and the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye airborne early warning aircraft to help maintain the country's sovereignty.
Good To Go For Gogo
The new antenna technology is expected to deliver peak speeds to the aircraft of more than 70 Mbps.
O3b + Norfolk Telecom...These Kiwis Have Fiber + Aussies, Too
The Company is providing the highest performance satellite connectivity the world has ever seen.