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January 12th, 2015
SpaceX  "Close But No Cigar" w/Attempt To Launch + Land A Dragon
...was the first time a Falcon 9 rocket attempted the touchdown on a platform in the ocean, away from populated areas.
The Push Is All Electric For Boeing's New 702MP Satellite—Launch Set For February
“We are the first aerospace company to develop this highly efficient and flexible all-electric satellite."—Mark Spiwak, President, Boeing Satellite Systems International.
CNES' Jean-Yves Le Gall Offers His Insight For The Company In 2015
However, the main focus this year will definitely be on climate, with the COP 21 global climate summit that France will be hosting in Paris in December.
March Established As Launch Date For Next Indian Navigation Satellite
"Seven satellites are required to be launched to complete the configuration under the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) and already three had been launched."—S. Ingersol, Group Director, Propulsion Complex, ISRO.
JV Formed By Raytheon + General Dynamics For U.S.A.F. Launch + Test Range Contract
Raytheon and General Dynamics formed RGNext to pursue the opportunity.
SSTL Chairman Sir Martin Sweeting Takes A Gander @ 2015
"We enjoy the challenges of going further into space, and packing more advanced space capabilities into smaller and lighter spacecraft."—Sir Martin Sweeting, Chairman, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.
Japan Reveals Space Plans...Obtuse Response Regarding Planetary Exploration + Manned Space Development  
Meanwhile, almost nothing was mentioned about new projects on basic science-related matters such as planetary exploration and manned space development.
Harris + nLogic Go Shopping w/Defense Commissary Agency... Provide Network Communications 
“The commissary system is vital to our military and particularly to military families, who face frequent deployments and relocations.”
Critical Processors For Satellites Being Developed By U.S.A.F.
"If successful, this technology solution could be headed for every major DOD (Department of Defense) space system."—Dr. Greg Spanjers, Chief Scientist, Air Force Research Laboratory, Space Vehicles Directorate.
Proteus Determines The Water Quality For Arabian Gulf
“We can further improve the accuracy of the standard NASA data by calibrating each data set to local water conditions.”—David Critchley, CEO, Proteus.
Vanguard + Harris Reflect On A Collaborative Effort...Lightweight Antenna Reflector
FMRs can result in up to 50 percent mass reduction over solid and triax construction reflectors
MUOS Milestones Established By General Dynamics + Rockwell Collins For Manpack Radios
"This is also the only U.S. Army tactical radio to provide the digital connections that Army organizations need to stay in touch, one to another, from just about anywhere on the planet."—Chris Marzilli, President, General Dynamics Mission Systems.
Newly Combined General Dynamics Mission Systems To Present @ SNA's 27th Symposium
"This restructuring has allowed us to create a real powerhouse."—Chris Marzilli, President, General Dynamics Mission Systems.
New Executive Committee Members Elected For The Satellite Industry Association
“The incoming Executive Committee continues to reflect the diverse businesses of the satellite industry and demonstrates the strong commitment and investment made by our Association membership in SIA."—Tom Stroup, President, Satellite Industry Association.
SpaceX Selected To Launch ViaSat-2 A Game Changer...Seven Times Geographic Area + Twice The Bandwidth
“We can do that by building a network with lots more network capacity at a cost that will attract more customers..."
Thales Alenia Space Selected As Part Of ESA's Vision...PLATO Program + Cosmic Vision 2015-25
By observing stars relatively close to Earth, it will evaluate the slight but regular changes in brightness that indicate the presence of planets.
How Scientists + Zooniverse Ended Up w/Floating Forests Project
As of January 11, 2015, more than 3,400 citizen scientists had joined Byrnes and Cavanaugh to look for kelp in 328,000 Landsat images.
Dual-Channel Rotary Joint Debuts For Compact Ka-Band SATCOM from Link Microtek
This robust device is fabricated from lightweight aluminum with an Iridite finish.