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Current Satellite News
January 9th, 2015
Disney Dives Into DIRECTV
DIRECTV customers will have access to Disney’s lineup of sports, news, kids and entertainment content across televisions, computers, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and other connected devices.
Earth Observation: NSR's The Year Of Seeing More
"...more nations are likely to assess this new type of satellite imagery to lower their limits on what users can see."—Claude Rousseau, Research Director, NSR France
Lockheed Martin Wins Award From American Meteorological Society
“Lockheed Martin had made many contributions to the advancement of meteorology and AMS is proud to recognize them for their more than 50 years of work.”—William Gail, President, AMS.
Advancing Space Innovation + Exploration @ The Global Space & Satellite Forum In Dubai
This forum is a result of the close collaboration with the UAE Space Agency and Emirates Institution for Advance Science and Technology.
Here's Looking @ Earth—Lava Field In Iceland Larger Than Manhattan Island
Holuhraun is Iceland’s largest basaltic lava flow since the Laki eruption in 1783–84.
SatBroadcasting™: Bringing GOD TV Africa To Millions
ViewSat has played a significant role to ensure GOD TV Africa reaches their broadcasting goal of having world-class programming in every television household in Africa
Acquiring Minds Wish To Know... Genstar Capital To Acquire Telestream...
"Genstar’s mid-market focus and deep expertise in the software industry will enable Telestream to further accelerate our growth.”—Dan Castles, co-founder and CEO, Telestream.