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January 7th, 2015
Function Testing Is "A-OK" For First Launch Of Iridium NEXT
"Completion of this testing phase is a huge step forward in launching the constellation."—Scott Smith, CEO, Iridium Communications Inc.
Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Sat Ops Mods + Options For U.S.A.F.
"Kratos has been a long-standing partner with the U.S. Air Force for more than two decades, supporting programs large and small."—Robert Wright, Senior Vice President, Kratos' Federal Solutions.
A MIGHTI Flight Is Being Prepped By NRL
"...researchers hope to find answers to their questions about how Earth's upper atmosphere behaves..."
Arianespace to Fill The Future With Flights
“We are targeting another record year of missions, while continuing our pursuit of commercial activities to further expand the order book."—Stéphane Israël, Chairman + CEO, Arianespace.
Lockheed Martin's NIRCam Integrated Tests Prove Worthy For James Webb Telescope
“We designed NIRCam to stringent optical and environmental requirements so it can deliver images from the early origins of the universe.” —Alison Nordt, NIRCam program manage, Lockheed Martin.
SWOT's This All About? It's For Thales Alenia Space To Answer w/New Satellite Build Contract
"SWOT will be the very first satellite to offer controlled reentry."—Hervé Hamy, Vice President for Observation and Sciences, Thales Alenia Space France.
Orbit Attained By ASTRA 2G
Astra 2G is the ninth Eurostar satellite in the SES fleet.
Gilat's Webinar Reminder.. Changing The Equation, Do The Numbers Add Up? For Reliable Fixed Broadband
To hear more about transforming the data traffic challenge into an opportunity...
Conference Collaboration Brings CABSAT + NAB Together For MENA Media Trade Event
"Three days of disruptive trends that are delivering transformational change to the region via an exciting roster of new and enhanced features will be offered..."
Full Suite Of GEE Services Come To Hong Kong Airlines
Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) delivers movies, TV programming and audio for their seat-back and wireless AVOD systems.
Keysight Brings Focus On Oscilloscopes To Their Upcoming, Free Webinar
Attend this webinar and learn how to make the best RF measurements with a scope.
Digital Globe's Satellite Responds To Crisis...Assists w/Fighting Ebola
...which is helping military operators, civilian healthcare workers, international partner nations and volunteers understand events on the ground...
Tempus + Ball Aerospace Make A Sound Decision...Agree To Build Hyperspectral Sounders
“Tempus’ atmospheric sounding technology represents an important and transformational approach to forecasting."
@ CES: Verimatrix + Broadcom Ensure Revenue Security For UHD Video Services
"We have developed an integrated multi-layer security architecture that will not only enhance the revenue security of premium content, but also help make the STB integration process more efficient.”—Petr Peterka, CTO, Verimatrix.