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December 8th, 2014
From Taiyuan Base, The Brazilian/Chinese CBERS-4 Satellite Makes For Orbit
China + Brazil launch efforts have succeeded...
SSL Is A Happy Camper... DIRECTV Satellite Responds To Maneuvers...Deploys Solar Arrays
...achieve the goal of a satellite that will advance the future of Ultra HD.
SES GS Demos O3b Technology For MAG Personnel
President and CEO of SES Government Solutions, Tip Osterthaler—“It gives the warfighter fiber-like connectivity on day one of operations."
Kratos ISE Is Preparing The Way For Es'hail-2 Capacity Management
Kratos ISE will expand that system with a monitoring site at the new Es'hailSat teleport...
Northrop Grumman Betters The Production Schedule For An AEHF Payload... Again...
"This hybrid approach is providing an overall reduction in program cost and schedule."
ESA's Tandem Assignment For The Sun
“For these studies, the satellites will fly 150m apart with millimeter and fraction-of-a-degree precision."
SSTL Is Executing A Quantum Leap For Eutelsat
"[This] ...is a milestone for SSTL providing an anchor customer for the transfer variant of our Geostationary Minisatellite Platform (GMP-T)."—Sir Martin Sweeting, SSTL.
NovelSat Names New Chairman Of The NovelSat BOD
"...I am confident that NovelSat will reach new heights."
Crucial Power Roles Played By Aerojet-Rocketdyne In Orion Launch...
The power behind the Orion launch...
Scotland-Based Astrosat Wins Fifth Major Award
"The Copernicus Masters helps stimulate innovative solutions for business and society based on Earth observation, and this award is a huge tribute to the entire team at Astrosat."
Showcasing Es'Hail 1 at ITU Telecom World In Doha
"...we have already started to plan, design and manufacture Es’hail 2."
New PayTV Report From Euroconsult Reveals Strong Growth
"Emerging markets are home to over 80 percent of the nearly 160 active platforms."
PCI Analytics' Geomatica Is Bitten By Python
“The scripts made available today leverage our most popular algorithms and will be of use to users, regardless of their familiarity with Python.”
FreeWave Garners Bronze Medal For Innovation
“This was a pivotal year, not only for FreeWave, but for the entire Machine to Machine market."
GL Communications Delivers A Collection Of Solutions
Quite a collection of new solutions. 
ESA's Two Earth Observation Satellites Cooperate To Reach A Major Milestone
This can significantly improve Earth observation applications and services.
Numerex Says There's Nothing Quite Like Unlimited M2M Satellite Data Plans
Numerex provides satellite tracking customers with a solution that allows them to more closely monitor their assets throughout each day...
TSF... Ready, Set, Go...Gets In Position In Philippines Before Super Typhoon Haugpit Slams
Preparing in advance is a luxury for this NGO which shows up in war zones, fires, earthquakes and more.
TenCate's Super Strong + Super Heat Resistant Materials Used For Orion's Successful Launch 
The composite heat shield design allows very large composite structures to be fabricated out of autoclave.