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November 18th, 2014
Development + Construction Of Crucial Services For NASA's Orion Assigned To Airbus D&S
Planned for 2017/2018, the first Orion mission in which Europe is involved, “Exploration Mission 1,” consists of an unmanned flight to the Lagrangian points of the Moon and a return to Earth.
A RIFL2E Shot From Canada For AISR + SATCOM
"This was the first time in Canada that we achieved such large data rates, so far north." — Jean-Francois Rivest, DRDC’s Director Science and Technology Air
ESA's Trio Of Station Helpmates For The COPAS-SARSAT System
“This new search and rescue infrastructure, designed by ESA and financed by the EU as part of Galileo, is our contribution to the Cospas–Sarsat system..."
This Satellite Could Be A Real Killer
"It could have a number of functions, some civilian and some military."
Russia's Orbital Space Station—To Be, Or Not To Be...
"We are looking into various options, while building an orbital station as a substitute for ISS is one of them..."
Prep For The Military Space Event In London
This event will bring together an exceptional line-up of senior military officials and leading experts...
Ash Aloft From Alaska's Pavlof Stratovolcano
By November 15, Pavlof was lofting ash plumes to an altitude of 30,000 feet (9 kilometers), high enough to disrupt commercial airline flights.
Gilat + NovelSat POP Goes International Connectivity to Africa w/the NS3000
...is among the first companies in Africa to offer both non-stop East to West coast-to-coast and international connectivity.
Secure World Foundation Invites All For A Closer Look @ Space Weather...
This lunch briefing is designed to raise awareness about space weather...
Orbital + NASA How Many Balloons Will US$185M Buy? Science Balloons, That Is 
 Not the kind of balloons given in a birthday balloon bouquet, or a hot air balloon...these are a special Science Balloon Operations program.
NASA + U.S. Department of the Interior...It's All About Image...Ball Aerospace Takes the Honor 
...improving the ability of scientists, land use managers, fire fighters, and other beneficiaries to better understand the Earth's features, and
ST Electronics Leads Into Space + Pushes the Boundaries
There, a team of 70 engineers is counting down to the launch of the first made-in-Singapore commercial remote sensing microsatellite next year,v
PCI Geomatics Takes Their Talents to the Field...Canada's GIS Day
..was started as a way to provide an international forum for users of GIS technology to demonstrate real-world applications that are making a positive difference in our society.
One Stop Solution For Network Surveillance Needs From GL Communications
“In today's advanced telecom networks, surveillance of network characteristics is becoming more important than ever before."