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November 13th, 2014
Orion's Initial Journey Of 22 Miles Will Culminate In A Mission Of 3,600 Miles Beyond Earth
“This spacecraft is going to push the boundaries of scientific discovery and human achievement."
SES + M7 Group...This Healthy Group Needs More Capacity in Czech Republic and Slovakia
 “With the Czech and Slovak market now rapidly moving to HD viewing, it is critical to meet the growing consumer demand for HD content."
ORBCOMM To Acquire SkyWave Communications, With Inmarsat's Nod Of Approval, As Well
The acquisition of SkyWave furthers ORBCOMM’s strategy to provide a complete set of capabilities and options in the industry, while adding multiple synergies to strengthen its M2M solutions portfolio.
During SATCON 2014, Vision Awards Meted Out To Honorees
The Third Annual Vision Awards were presented by Satellite Markets and Research, Application Technology Strategy LLC and SATCON and sponsored by Crystal Solutions.
Jabiru-2 Service Starts As MEASAT-3b Goes Operational
“The satellite is now active and operational, it’s collocated with the other two Malaysian satellites in that location (91.5°E) and we are commencing service on Jabiru-2 now."
Getting to Know a Comet Up Close... + Personal... Rosetta's Philae Lander Successfully Sets Down... Congrats + Buzz — (update #6)
[SatNews] Touchdown on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko by the European Space Agency's (ESA) Philae lander has been confirmed...
Farmers Are In Control With This New App—ESNC Winners Revealed By UK Space Agency
"The ESNC continues to be a successful vehicle for encouraging new, ground-breaking ideas...
A Drive'ing Force In Brazil For SIS LIVE
"ANATEL’s decision to approve our uPod®  and DriveForce® range is the icing on the cake after its extremely successful performance this summer."
Knowledge Acquisition To Increase With Co-Location Of InfoComm With CCW+SATCON In '15
"Hosting our second installment of InfoComm Connections in New York City makes great sense, with so many major companies and institutions located nearby."
KORE is at the Core of Acquisitions + Ventures to Strengthen Expertise
[SatNews] “Strategic acquisitions both in advanced connectivity and richer applications solutions are an important goal ..."
Air China Is a FAN of Thales... Selects TopFlight SATCOM for B737 Communications
Air China’s 22 B737 will soon be equipped with the latest in satellite communications.
General Dynamics Canada's Antenna Anchors For Canadian WGS Access
"The sophisticated sensors and information technologies used by modern militaries require access to high-bandwidth communication channels."