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October 9th, 2014
Arianespace' Lightweight Vega Prepped With IXV Spaceplane For Fourth Spatial Excursion
The mission’s IXV passenger is an atmospheric reentry demonstrator designed to flight test technologies and critical systems...
Air Force Enlists General Dynamics... MUOS SATCOM Demonstration 100 Percent Successful
"The Air Force observers experienced the cellphone-like voice clarity during conversations with the flight crew and realized ..."​
ARSAT-1 + SS/L's Intelsat 30/DLA-1 Strapped + Ready For Ariane 5 Launch
 Packing up a horse isn't easy...
DISA Securing The Joint Information Environment With JRSS
“We must build on the momentum of this effort and work to bring the rest of the department to JRSS."
Stakeholder Symposium To Spotlight Laser Tech For Geospatial Concerns
The Stakeholder Symposium will provide an overview of the current status of the SpaceDataHighway and other technologies...
NSR's 6th Handle On EO Debuts This Month
The dynamic market for satellite-based imagery has been driven to new heights...
The Promise Inherent With Industry Achievers To Be Recognized By SSPI
"Our industry can win the global competition for markets only by winning the global competition for talent.”
The Drive Is Intesifying By The Mobile + Wireless Industry To Gain C-Band Access
The analysis discovered that in most regions of the world at least 30 percent of spectrum for IMT services is not yet licensed.
Harris' Rifleman Shoots Straight Through Independent Tests + Exceeds Requirements
[SatNews] "The feedback we receive is critical to allow us to continuously improve the operational effectiveness of our new products.”
Boeing Accomplishes An Advanced Aeronautical Antenna For Yahsat
"a low-profile SATCOM solution that provides en-route broadband connectivity for many types of aircraft..."
UK Space Agency Soars In The Air + At The Bank
“The UK space sector makes an impressive contribution to the UK economy and has consistently done so over the last decade, virtually doubling in size