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September 30th, 2014
Arianespace's Payload Preps Two For Powerful Push...
[SatNews] Arianespace is a hub of activity with...
General Services Administration Renews...HughesON™ Solutions Are On Target
[SatNews] “With today’s budget constraints, agency telecom officials are faced with doing more with less—"
Globalstar Gateway Gets Going In Botswana
[SatNews] "Whether you are going to southern Africa on a safari, work assignment, or to perform humanitarian work, the ability to let your friends, family or colleagues know that you are "OK..."
NetComm Wireless Is Routing M2M
[SatNews] ...designed to deliver seamless connectivity to applications in areas such as retail, asset management, healthcare, security and agriculture.
NOAA's New NESDIS Leader + Silver Snoopy Award
[SatNews]  He is the recipient of several awards, including from NASA the Silver Snoopy Award (1994) and...
NSR's Operational Financials + Fundamental Transformations...Huge Potentials
[SatNews]..."we will see a divergence between the haves and have-nots of the sector, and long-term, extensive consolidation..."
Pi Telecom's Partnership With SatLink Expands Into IP Delivery... Immediate TV Everywhere
[SatNews] ...ready to launch a managed service via the cloud within days, avoiding the expenses and time consuming associated with...
Canadian Government + exactEarth's Newest Contract Significantly Augments An Already Healthy Amount
[SatNews] ...includes maritime surveillance and security; customs and border protection; Arctic vessel traffic; fisheries, and Search and Rescue...
ORBIT Strengthens Position in Earth Observation Market With Alaskan Project 
[SatNews] a specially designed Pedestal Interface Unit (PIU) enables an upgrade of the analog ground station to digital technology without having to replace the legacy pedestal.