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June 9th, 2014
Orbital Sciences Corporation—Antares Abeyance (Launch)
[SatNews] Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE: ORB) has updated its Antares launch...
Boeing + The Mexican Ministry of Communications + Transportation—Make Ready For Morelos-3 (Satellite—Manufacture)
[SatNews] The Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) and Boeing [NYSE: BA] are a step closer to enhancing Mexico’s mobile communications...
Panasonic News x 2: Avionics Corporation, Aeromexico + Icelandair—In-Flight Installations (SATCOM)
[SatNews] Aeromexico and Icelandair have selected Panasonic Avionics Corporation (Panasonic)...
GeoSync Microwave—Test Translators In A Suitcase (SATCOM)
[SatNews] A complete series of C, X, Ku and DBS test translators covering either RF Tx band to RF Rx band or RF Tx band to L-band IF are now available in a...
NSR Analysis—Will Google be the New Big “G” in the Satellite Industry?
[SatNews] Much has been said in the past few days since news of Google’s interests in providing satellite Internet...
NASA—Laser Dissemination From The ISS (Comms)
[SatNews] NASA successfully beamed a high-definition video 260 miles from the International Space Station to Earth Thursday using a new laser...
Thales Alenia Space—UK Obtainment Completed (Business)
[SatNews] Thales Alenia Space has completed the acquisition of the space activities of...
Globalstar Connects The SPOTS...Safety First... Lone Workers Are Never Alone (Emergency SATCOM| Event)
[SatNews] ..safety products keep lone workers protected and in contact even in areas outside of mobile phone coverage.
 Iridium... Takes Part In U.S. Army Network Integration Evaluation ...Integrates Into Nett Warrior System
[SatNews] The "puck" like device supports Geo-fencing and integration into Nett Warrior system ... global tracking of every soldier on the battlefield.
NOAA Deactivates A Life Saver...Retirement Comes Long Past Its Planned Lifespan (Weather Satellite)
[SatNews] When it was launched this satellite's lifespan was forecast for five years...13 years later...
NovelSat's Solution Saves Significantly...Multi-Camera Mobile Sat Feeds To Single Sat (SatBroadcasting™ | Event)
[SatNews] This capability can significantly reduce the cost of contributing multiple video streams via satellite, even for the...
ViaSat Extends + Excedes Expansion...New Acquisition At A NetNearU
[SatNews] ..."the Company's breadth and depth in Wi-Fi expertise gives us important new ways to ..."
Canada...Giant 'Canada From Space Map'... This Map Does Not Fit In The Glove Compartment  (STEM)
[SatNews] A big project with a big product with, hopefully, big results, in Canada.
NASA Names Head Of Goddard Institute for Space Studies...Climate Lab
[SatNews] His primary area of research is the simulation of past, present and future climates.