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May 27th, 2014
NASA's Remaining Expedition 40 Crew Prep For Launch To ISS... Projects Will Include Skin, Exercise, Veggies + More
[SatNews] They'll be joining the rest of their team already ensconced in the ISS, and begin numerous experiments.
Google—Acquiring Holz From O3b, Bettinger From iDirect, Plus A Move For Skybox Imaging + PlanetLabs... Maybe Even LauncherOne? (Business)
[SatNews] Seems there is more than just a simple, passing interest by Google in all things spatial—new hires for the company include...
NASA Is WISE With Latest Info... Black Hole's Dusty Doughnut Holes Similar... Not The Same (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer [WISE])
[SatNews] "Our finding revealed a new feature about active black holes we never knew before, yet the details remain a mystery..."
Newtec + VIVA+...Viva Indonesia’s New DTH Platform!.. Their World Cup Overflows (SatBroadcasting™—DTH)
[SatNews] ..the company announced that it expects 300,000 new subscribers... and potentially up to a million ...
SES + CETel Take It To Africa (Capacity Agreement)
[SatNews] ...under the new agreement will enable it to extend their global corporate and governmental VSAT networks across Africa, meeting the growing demand in the region. 
NASA's Landsat 8 ...Major 'Funny River Fire' Is No Laughing Matter (Earth Observation)
[SatNews] Hail, lightning, and strong winds often occur where there are pyrocumulonimbus clouds.
EOMAP + GeoOrbis... Take The Plunge With Bathymetry + Water Quality Platform
[SatNews] “This partnership helps to further expand the company's footprint into an area that will benefit greatly from ...
EMCORE's Fiber Optic Delay Lines That Stand Independent of Losses Or Delays
[SatNews] ...fiber optic delay lines provide bandwidth that is essentially independent of fiber length, losses or delays, and ...
Harris'  Demonstration..Reveals Robust Mid-Tier Tactical Radio With U.S. Army Network
[SatNews] ...program is designed to seamlessly connect vehicular-based soldiers to the Army tactical network.
SES... Plans To Promote Robust Health...Partner With NGOs To Develop SATMED
[SatNews] ... improve public health in emerging and developing countries, most significantly in isolated areas with poor connectivity.
SpaceX + NASA... SuperDraco Thruster Powers Revolutionary Launch Escape System (Rocket Thruster Test)
[SatNews] ...will be able to provide astronauts with the unprecedented ability to escape from danger at any point....
Rohde & Schwarz...Enables Both Standardized + Proprietary Waveforms To Port To The Radio (Software Defined Radios)
[SatNews] ...first member of a new generation of software defined radios for the VHF/UHF range