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April 27th, 2014
COM DEV + Canada...The Welcome Mat Is Removed...Ukraine's Politics Scuttles Russia's M3M Satellite (Launch)
[SatNews] The move to cancel the June 19 launch of the satellite comes as the Canadian government continues with sanctions against Russia over the situation in Ukraine.
NASA's WISE Discovery...A Frigid Brown Dwarf (Spitzer Telescope)
[SatNews] "This object appeared to move really fast in the WISE data. That told us it was something special."
NASA + Orbital's Cygnus...Pencil In A Change Of Date For Launch
[SatNews] They've already 'been there and done that', and now they're going again, except the departure date has changed.
Airbus Defence + Space...There Are No Secrets With Pléiades For Defence Satellite Photos (Earth Observation)
[SatNews] The accuracy of the information contained in each pixel identifies which type of boats is present in the harbor, and therefore, their nationality.
Secure World Foundation...Satellite Capacity + Capabilities...Beyond Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
[SatNews] One of the most mysterious tragedies...the disappearance of an airline and its passengers...