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February 17th, 2014
United Launch Alliance (ULA)—A Momentous Anniversary For Delta II (Event)
[SatNews] United Launch Alliance (ULA) has commemorated the 25th anniversary of the proven industry workhorse rocket, the Delta II—the first Delta II mission blasted off from...
Arianespace + Hispasat—Amazonas 4A Date Is Moved Out (Launch)
SatNews] In order to allow Hispasat to perform complementary checks on the Amazonas 4A satellite, Arianespace has rescheduled...
Outernet... New Hope For The World...Free Internet Access For Earthlings Awaits Funding
[SatNews] Hope is an emotion that under the best and worst circumstances has been proven to keep the human spirit going—and there are scientific announcements that provide just that...hope.
Arianespace ...Moves Vega Flight VV03 Out...Smile For Russia's High Res Satellite Shots (Launch)
[SatNews] will provide very-high-quality panchromatic including cadastral surveys, management of natural resources, environmental monitoring and homeland surveillance.
ULA Readies + Steadies For U.S. Air Force's GPS Constellation Launch
[SatNews] GPS utilizes 24 satellites, in six different planes, with a minimum of four satellites per plane...
WestJet + Panasonic Avionics—Accommodation At Altitude (SATCOM)
[SatNews] WestJet has signed a multi-year agreement with Panasonic Avionics Corporation to provide the airline with a new in-flight entertainment system with the ability to ...
Foxcom—Pardon Me, Would You Please Repeat That? (SATCOM)
[SatNews] Foxcom has announced that the company's latest Suricate PRO(tm) Iridium Repeater Solution has been successfully deployed in...
ILS Technology (Telit)—Winning The Battle Of The Platforms (M2M)
[SatNews] ILS Technology, a Telit company, won big at M2M Evolution—the company took two awards at M2M Evolution’s Battle of the Platforms: Best Application Development and...
NewSat Australia Appreciates Loan From U.S.... No Chump Change Here... $390M Funds Jabiru-1
[SatNews] The favorable funding outcome includes US$390.1 million of cost-effective debt funding at around 3 percent interest on attractive terms...
Government Of Ontario, Canada, + COM DEV International—Financial Support For Endeavors (Business)
[SatNews] The Ontario, Canada, government is providing support to COM DEV International Ltd. to double its production capacity and create...
Narda Safety Test Solutions Has A Great IDA 2...I/Q Analyzer Smarter Than Interference
[SatNews] generates high resolution spectrograms, persistence spectrums and time domain displays that were previously only available from high cost laboratory instruments.
IRG On Walking Tour...Watch Out For Interference (Event)
[SatNews] Participants will meet the companies involved in all three areas, as well as learning more about the solutions and processes for reducing satellite interference.
Hiltron Communications' New Flyaway Finds Satellites Anywhere Anytime Under Two Minutes (Antenna | Event)
[SatNews] it allows a satellite to be found in less than two minutes, from any location and at any time.
Airbus DS’s Spot 6 Earth Observation Reveals Major Swelling In UK Floods
[SatNews] Flooding in the UK that is going to take many months before normal life resumes...
Front Porch Digital—Technology Showcase @ CABSAT 2014 (Event—Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest)
[SatNews] Front Porch Digital will be featuring a number of products at the upcoming
SMPTE—Technology Showcase @ NAB 2014—(Event—SatBroadcasting™)
[SatNews] The 2014 NAB Show's Technology Summit on Cinema (TSC): The Future of Motion Imaging and Sound, produced in partnership with SMPTE, will offer attendees...