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January 27th, 2014
USAF 45th Space Wing—A Major Assist For TDRS-L (Launch)
[SatNews] The 45th Space Wing provided flawless Eastern Range support for NASA's successful launch of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite-L mission aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from...
Ball Aerospace + DigitalGlobe—Integration Realization For WorldView-3 (Satellite)
[SatNews] Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. has completed integration of WorldView-3, the next generation commercial remote-sensing satellite being built...
NASA + JAXA Prepare Satellite... Rain and Snow To Go (Launch)
[SatNews] ...mission is the first coordinated international satellite network to provide near real-time observations of rain and snow every three hours anywhere on the globe.
ESA's Rosetta To Observe Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko ... Sure, That's Easy For You To Say
[SatNews] "Rosetta mission gives us a chance to examine a comet in a way we've never seen one before—in orbit around it and as it kicks up in activity..."
European Space Agency (ESA)—Hosted Payload Experiments Given The Green Light (Satellite)
[SatNews] European scientists can now begin probing unexplored frequencies, as mega telecom satellite Alphasat’s ‘Aldo Paraboni Q/V Band’ hosted payload has...
Surrey Satellite Technology-US (SST-US)—A Lot Of Momentum For Rosetta (Satellite)
[SatNews]  On January 20, 2014, after 957 days of deep-space hibernation, ESA’s comet-chasing mission...
Ecuadorian Civil Space Company (EXA)—Imagery Involvement + An Important Recovery (Satellites)
[SatNews] The Ecuadorian Civil Space Company, or EXA, has captured the first images of South America that were captured and forwarded to Earth by the country's Krysaor...
Hubble Happenings—The Deepest "Capture" Ever Completed (Imagery)
[SatNews] This long-exposure Hubble Space Telescope image of massive galaxy cluster Abell 2744 (foreground) is the deepest ever made of...
PlanetObserver: Something New For You In 2014 (Imagery)
[SatNews] The French company PlanetObserver, specialized in geospatial data, satellite imagery and elevation data, has launched ...
USGIF + CSARS—SAR Studies (Event)
[SatNews] USGIF and the Commercial Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite (CSARS) Working Group cordially invite attendance at a free...
Gilat Satellite Networks—The Remote Route (SATCOM—Webinar)
[SatNews] Join Gilat for a free, live, webinar on February 12th, 2014 at 11:00 a.m., EDT— this webinar will discuss what is required to...
Here's Looking @ Earth—Those Lazy, Hazy Days Of... (Imagery—NASA)
[SatNews] A layer of haze filled China’s Sichuan Basin on January 23, 2014, when the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra...
Optical Surfaces.... Highly Stable Mirrors = Good Reflection On Company
[SatNews] Using these mounts it is possible to rapidly align a mirror within a few arc seconds.
NEP + Global Television—Acquisition In Australia (Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest—Business)
[SatNews] NEP has closed on its acquisition of Australia's Global Television from Catalyst Investment Managers—the completion of this...
DARPA...Effort To Eliminate Unwelcome Surprises In Space (Report)
[SatNews] “I think we’re in the middle of a self-inflicted surprise in some sense in space today...it’s one that is rendering us ineffective and putting us in a place [where] we simply cannot afford to be.”
CPI Satcom Puts Down Roots + Ramps Up For Full Service (Business)
[SatNews] This move will increase efficiency by making it a one stop shop.
Rigol's Waveform Generator Makes Waves + SiFi Technology
[SatNews] "With its advanced specifications, feature set and uncompromised performance we are confident that it will delight our customers."