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May 14th, 2011
MDA + Thales Alenia Space... NEXT Up—Antennas (Satellite)
[SatNews] MDA recently announced a new contract with Thales Alenia Space...
Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im)... Aiding Inmarsat Obtain Boeing Satellites (Finance)
[SatNews] The Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) is providing a $700 million long-term direct loan to finance the sale of satellites by Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems in El Segundo, Calif., to Inmarsat, a global provider of mobile satellite communications services to the maritime industry.
SES Is Integral Systems Services Solutions' Savvy (SatCom)
[SatNews] Integral Systems today was chosen by SES for a variety of services.
Astrotech... Ground Support Assurance (SatCom)
[SatNews] Astrotech Corporation (Nasdaq:ASTC) has announced that its Astrotech Space Operations subsidiary has been awarded a $16.2 million contract to fabricate, install, and test Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for the U.S. government.
Here's Looking @ Earth... Predilection For Prediction (Imagery—NASA)
[SatNews[ Weather fronts are as familiar as rain — for those who live outside of Earth’s tropics, the movement of warm and cold masses of air creates the weather, and when the two clash, if often rains.
GlobalFone... Hammering Out Hurricane Hassles (Event)
[SatNews] GlobaFone has announced that CEO Lou Altman will deliver the most important webinar so far this year, It's Hurricane Season - Are You Prepared?.
Encompass Digital Media | Softel | TV One | Wowza (SatBroadcasting ™)
Encompass Digital Media brings on new EVP... TV One brings 2-channel, bi-directional conversions... Softel @ TV of Tomorrow... Wowza EZDRM to protect and serve...
Research and Markets... In The Near Space... (UAS/UAV)
[SatNews] This research firm has a new forecast dealing with stratospheric UAV payloads...
GVF... Access For O+G In Aberdeen (Event)
[SatNews] The GVF Oil & Gas Communications Series of conferences continue, with the latest one having been held in Brazil April 19th to 20th, to much acclaim among those in attendance.
SES... Financially Speaking...
[SatNews] SES S.A. (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) has reported their financial results for the three months to 31 March 2011.
RapidEye + INTA Spaceturk... Joining Up (Imagery)
[SatNews] Another distributor has signed on to disseminate this Company's imagery products...
SmarTrend®... The Top Five...
[SatNews] The Company has ranked the top five companies in the Cable & Satellite Industry by the lowest operating margin, which is used to pay for fixed costs and to generate cash.
Hughes Europe + GVF... Speaking On SatCom (Event)
[SatNews] One of the highlights of the forthcoming 4th Annual GVF (Global VSAT Forum) Oil & Gas Communications Europe Conference, will be Simon Watts, chief engineer at Hughes Europe.
Advantech Wireless' Positive Profits (Financial)
[SatNews] Financial reports can be a real challenge in this world's economic picture, but Advantech Wireless has a positive announcement.